Sunday, March 29, 2009

Good-bye 68th Street :(

Well I feel like all we've been blogging about lately is the progress of the new house. So I wanted to give an update about our current house...I think we've got it rented!!! We posted it on Craig's list Friday night, and had a few showings over the weekend. We're now in a pickle, b/c we've got two offers and don't know who to choose. My heart goes out to a single mom/widow...but she has two cats, two dogs, and two fish tanks. AJ's leaning towards two guys who are in their early 20's. Either way...looks like we're about to start packing-fun. We have to be out May 1, so we'll be moving in with the folks for a few weeks. We're going to miss our neighbors soo much. :-( We've been so blessed to have such a great neighborhood and so many great friends here.

Pre-drywall walk-through

George, our construction manager, asked us to walk through the house over the weekend to look at all of the electrical and plumbing to make sure everything is in the right place. He wanted us to do this before they begin hanging dry-wall. There was one little issue that AJ noticed right away...the HVAC, go figure. ;-) In the pre-construction meeting we specifically asked them to put the vents near the exterior walls. The vents were placed correctly on the first floor, but on the second floor all the vents were placed near interior walls. AJ, being the HVAC expert, explained to me that it is more energy-efficient to have vents on exterior walls because that's where the biggest heat loss/gain factor lies. SO, here's the question...should we let it go...or should we be "those people" and ask them to re-do it?? What are your thoughts??

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Roof & Windows

Here's a shot taken 3/20. It made me nervous watching these roofers! As you can see, our windows are in, too. AJ stopped by a few days ago and said they've also installed our electrical and mechanicals. NOW.....we MUST get serious about RENTING or SELLING our current home! Yikes! Please pass the word along if you know of anyone looking at the Broad Ripple area. I think we're going to list it for rent on Craig's list soon, and AJ's anxious to get a "for rent" sign in the yard. We'd love to hear any suggestions on renting!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Next Phase...

This weekend was absolutely beautiful...LOTS of sunshine. While I was in Chicago "celebrating the season" as Liz calls it (she happens to be an amazing Irish dancer), AJ took a little tour of the house. It amazes me how fast this crew works! This is where we are exactly three weeks from the day we broke ground. Linda and Miss Lily went with him on Saturday to check out the progress!

Hearth room.

Miss Lily!!!



To be continued....

Friday, March 13, 2009

We were FRAMED!!!

A.J. here. Above is a pic of Mom and Lily at the building site just a few days before they started framing.

IT'S A HOUSE!!!!!!! Haven't been here in several days, and around the corner, holy moly!

I can't wait to share this with our friends and family.