Tuesday, March 22, 2011

3 Months

Anthony turned THREE months old on March 10th (so this post is a bit late). The little stinker is doing great! Mama went back to work, and Buddy Boy started daycare. The first day was tough, and it's still not easy leaving him every morning. I miss him like crazy, and my work days seem so long.

Buddy Boy has hit some big mile stones this month. He graduated from his swaddlers and is now a free man! He's also reaching and grabbing everything. The little saucer seat with all of the toys attached have become quite the big hit. Anthony's been breaking in his "Johnny Jump Up", although he's not really jumping yet..just likes to sway back and forth and hang out. He also loves his bumbo. Hmm..what else...OH-the sleep thing has been going quite well! He's averaging about 6 hour stretches at night. One night he even made it 8 hours! Last week was the exception, he was up every 2 hours, but he's also fighting a cold. Overall we've had quite a productive month! Cheers! :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

2011 Bucket List

So my friend, Mandee, inspired me to make a 2011 bucket list (check out her list). I wish I would've done this back in January, but better late than never. I thought it was a cute and clever idea...so here goes...

  1. take a walk along the canal

  2. implement Friday night pizza nights with neighbors and friends

  3. play tennis with my dad

  4. teach Sophie to play tennis

  5. complete an oil painting

  6. learn to make tiramisu

  7. organize a game night with friends

  8. write a poem for Anthony

  9. get Anthony on a consistent sleep schedule

  10. lead a team for Race for the Cure

  11. have a wine tasting party

  12. start a savings account for Anthony

  13. start a 529 college fund for Anthony

  14. increase our retirement account contributions

  15. complete P90X

  16. donate blood

  17. learn how to thread my bobbin on my sewing machine

  18. finish making a bedding set for Anthony's room

  19. make a quilt for Anthony

  20. make a raspberry cake on Mother's Day

  21. plant flowers

  22. make pretty flower boxes for the deck

  23. hike at Eagle Creek Park

  24. go to Vegas for a girls weekend

  25. complete our wedding photo album

  26. make a scrapbook for Anthony

  27. re-learn to knit

  28. take a Sunday cruise in Grandpa Vern's '56 Cadillac

  29. go to the Broad Ripple Art fair

  30. go fishing

  31. visit my grandparents at the cementary

  32. stay in my PJ's watching movies all day

  33. go mushroom hunting

  34. go on a family picnic at the Morgan Monroe State Forest

  35. play golf with my husband

  36. recyle

  37. have a spa birthday party for my niece

  38. go camping

  39. try Jocamo's Pizza

  40. watch Jake play baseball

  41. stand under the water falls at McCormick's Creek

  42. watch fireworks on July 4th

  43. go to the Bean Blossom Bluegrass festival

  44. make fried green tomatoes

  45. visit friends in Chicago

  46. join a yoga class

  47. watch horse races at Indiana Downs

  48. read the Twilight series

  49. read the manual for my new camera

  50. go to an Indians game with AJ an Anthony

  51. make a video using iMovie

  52. buy a new/used road bike

  53. get a massage

  54. see live music at the Jazz Kitchen

  55. give Sophie Spanish lessons

  56. get family photos taken

  57. see a ballet

  58. plant an herb garden

  59. make and jar basil pesto

  60. go artifact hunting with Dad

  61. go to a concert

  62. go on a date with my husband

  63. oil paint together with Dad

  64. have a picnic Oliver Winery

  65. go hiking in Brown County

  66. go shopping in Brown County

  67. visit the home of TC Steele

  68. attend the Covered Bridge festival

  69. go canoeing with Dad

  70. have a margarita at La Jolla

  71. have a Corona at La Piedad

  72. take Anthony and Riley on walk on the Monon

  73. make scented candles with my nieces

  74. have a cookout with old neighbors

  75. have a cookout with new neighbors

  76. get a sub and homemade ice cream at the Morgan Co. Fair

  77. have a water balloon fight with my nieces & nephews

  78. take Anthony swimming for first time

  79. spend an afternoon at Southeast Way Park

  80. roast marshmallows

  81. make AJ a chocolate banana malt

  82. watch a meteor shower

  83. go to the State Fair

  84. go to the apple orchard with Mom & Sophie

  85. bake a homemade apple pie

  86. take pictures of the autumn leaves

  87. go to the Fall Foliage Festival

  88. carve a pumpkin for Anthony

  89. give toys to the kids at the Peyton Manning Children's Hospital

  90. make fudge with my Grandma

  91. plan a trip to Europe for 2012

  92. see Anthony take his first step

  93. adopt a family for Christmas

  94. bake Christmas cookies with Mom & Sophie

  95. See the Nutcracker with Mom & Dad

  96. invite Sophie and Lily over to make gingerbread houses

  97. take Anthony to see Santa

  98. attend the candlelight service on Christmas Eve

  99. make my 2012 bucket list

  100. kiss my husband on New Year's Eve